Just a few of the many unusual exhibits in the Gettysburg Dime Museum – clockwise from top – Terror Tarantula ~ “Marie Antoinette” painted in human blood ~ Shrunken Head ~ Der Wolpertinger from the forests of Bavaria ~ Mummified Remains of a Demon ~ Monkey’s Paw

The Gettysburg Dime Museum is a recreation of a 19th-century Dime Museum.

Dedicated to the strange and curious, the Gettysburg Dime Museum exhibits a mixture of authentic and not-so-authentic artifacts, leaving it to the visitor to distinguish between the two.

Exhibits include animal anomalies, sideshow gaffes, crime and serial killer memorabilia, and life-size representations of human oddities, to name a few.

The Gettysburg Dime Museum’s primary goal is to entertain, not to educate.

If you learn anything, it’s your own fault!

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In June of 2016, the Carpetbagger paid a visit to the Gettysburg Dime Museum. Check out his visit, recorded on YouTube ~


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